That’s One Groovy Gourd!

Click through to see more amazingness rocked into the world by a Polish artist (Calabarte). This is NOT your grandma’s jack o’lantern…

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Openly Admired: Alice Aycock


Paper Chase

Alice Aycock’s drawings and sculptures captivate me, they tap into an energy I find most agreeable. Somewhere between the illustrative style and the wild oscillations of line and form, there is an unharnessed harmony.

Naturally, writing about visual art is about as useful as cooking to communicate with your doctor. I encourage you to go see Alice Aycock’s web site, and if you are in any of the places where her work is, go see it. And take me with you.

Do Not

Do Not

It is not 100% clear what isn’t supposed to happen here, but I think the general idea is, keep ALL the things out of the window. Especially if one of them is a wine bottle larger than a human being.

When I see things like this in the world, I usually wish that there were more things like this, little up-endings of the regular and orderly overlayment of human intention upon the landscape of life. This is perhaps a literal manifestation of that principle, but entirely apt nonetheless.

Work in progress …

Turns out the iPhone 5 and the flicker rate of the light box are *not* nature’s best friends. Ahh, well. If you click back to the Flickr stream, you can see the one with only front lighting, which lacks the two bars, but is a less photo in all other respects.