The Ornatelier – the Ornatelier

Help me, folks!

I have been working on a new web site for my business, and I am hoping y’all are willing to go poke around, tell me what you think, test out the buttons, and so on.

First person to a bug gets a prize, for any given bug. 2nd and later finders don’t get prizes. You’ll get a prize for each unique, previously-unidentified bug. And I am willing to consider the possibility that ‘this bugs me’ is a legitimate bug, in addition to actual malfunctions.

The Ornatelier - the Ornatelier

Two things to know:

  • The Blog button in the web site tool bar is a redirect that comes to my WordPress blog. Not a bug.
  • The Word Gallery link in the About page goes to a page which is not yet in the toolbar. Also not a bug.


The Ornatelier – the Ornatelier.

Coloring Book, Audio Book, Telephone Book

cb03_detailSince returning from Las Vegas and the very excellent Licensing 2014 expo put on by the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA), I have been buried under a list of things to do. Sometimes it feels like I am supposed to have had all the things done before now, there is a terrible urgency about all this. I remind myself often that there is no finish line, although there are some milestones along the way. My brain is overflowing with creative ideas, and I try to make good notes on those, because sometime when I am running dry, those notes will be very, very useful. All  the business-of-art stuff feels like drinking from a firehose. On top of all that, my body has all kinds of demands … feed me. Wash me. Exercise me. Sleep me. The older I get, the more I realize that this is a whack-a-mole game, and no matter how many tickets we get, it is just not possible to keep up forever. Continue reading Coloring Book, Audio Book, Telephone Book

¡Papel! Pico, Rico y Chico at the NHCC

This past Sunday, I went over to the National Hispanic Cultural Center to see the new cut-paper art exhibit in the gallery there. The art museum there is just the right size, and filled with such excellent art that I come out energized and excited, rather than overwhelmed or angry (which happens with far too many art venues!) I have a long-standing obsession with gushing appreciation for the art and illustrations of Patrick Gannon. Just about the time I blundered onto his work, everyone else did, as well, so his work went from affordable to unobtainium. Deservedly, let me add!


It was perhaps inevitable that I would go see about the NHCC exhibit, but I was worried that my standards were calibrated unfairly. Turned out to be apples and oranges … all of exceptional quality, like the fruit you only see at holiday time.  I was impressed with all four of the artists in the NHCC exhibit, and made a few notes about each. For those of you in the Albuquerque area, I highly recommend going to see this show in person. You have until the end of January, so there is no real rush, but if you want a reason to go sooner rather than later, I’ll just point out that the air conditioning at the museum is primo.  😀 Continue reading ¡Papel! Pico, Rico y Chico at the NHCC

Openly Admired: Joe Huth

Strolling along Fremont Street, waiting for the sky to darken and the light show to begin, I saw a crowd gathered around a largish kiosk. The crowd was intently focused on a central figure, inside the booth, who stood facing a rotating board with something like poster board fixed to it, a box of spray paints on his right, a collection of papers to his left, a trash bag stretched wide behind him.

14465847262_70ae1e1835_o Continue reading Openly Admired: Joe Huth

My First Flamenco

Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to get excellent seats for a dramatic flamenco performance at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Eva Yerbabuena in the ballet flamenco “Lluvia“. The show was part of the 27th annual Festival Flamenco, which takes place every summer here in Albuquerque, and was definitely a highlight. As the title of the post suggests, I have never seen a full flamenco staged performance before, I have only seen the flamenco dance style incorporated into other performances.

Not long into the show, I decided I wanted to make some notes about what I was seeing and thinking, because these things tend to be fleeting. Since I make a point of trying new things, I wanted to maintain my awareness that I was experiencing something new, and actually examine some of those first-time reactions. This post is an attempt at reconstructing that experience from notes I wrote in pencil, in the dark, in a tiny, tiny notebook, totally unable to see what I was doing.
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