So, so busy!

In case I have never mentioned it before: Summer kills me. I have no tolerance for heat, no tolerance for direct sunlight. If I suck it up and do things I like (hiking, gardening, biking instead of driving, etc.) I will get heat stroke in no time flat. If I don’t do those things … well, I feel like life is passing me by. Probably because it is.

I have found that the hummingbird feeder 10 steps from my office window helps encourage me to get to the computer and do stuff I need to do here. This week, I learned a little bit about making 3D printing plans.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 6.12.20 PM

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Soliciting Feedback

I am currently working out some small glass ornament designs. None of them are exceptionally adventurous, but they all contain several elements I like to use. Swirls and cascades, bold lines, strong color combinations, juxtaposition of texture and smooth…  In addition to the shapes and colors of the glass, I am also playing with the finish on the solder — leaving it silvery, or adding patina in copper, or black, or somewhere in between. I will also be testing out some other soldering materials that will make textured seams instead of smooth.

I am looking for small items I can make and sell or perhaps consign or wholesale. Small decorative pieces that will use some of my scrap, and delight the eye, and bring a little bit of the ornate to areas of life that need it. Holiday decorations are an obvious use, but some of these would also be suitable suncatchers, light or fan pulls, finials for lamps or curtain draws, pendants, or any other place a person could think of to put a little dab of color and form.

2014-07-14 15.19.33-2

Scroll through, see if any of them catch your eye especially, let me know what you think! I can provide more details about any piece, including more photos, but as a rule, these all will fit in the palm of your hand. Continue reading Soliciting Feedback