51st ASUNM Arts and Crafts Fair :: ASUNM – Arts & Crafts Studio | The University of New Mexico

Accepting Applications: 51st ASUNM Arts and Crafts Fair :: ASUNM – Arts & Crafts Studio | The University of New Mexico.

This has been quite fun in the past, both as an attendee and as a vendor. I will be doing this event, this year, as long as they accept my application. Hopefully I will see you there!

Boots-on-the-ground Yoga Report

… Especially where boots = barefoot and ground = yoga mat. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

The closest I came to Nirvana was when the instructor played ’90s alt-rock to accompany a workout. If you think you are about to transcend, drink some water and lie down on your mat until the feeling passes.

Click through the quote to read about local yoga from the perspective of someone who never, ever is going to star in a yoga video.

Big Things Are Afoot At The Circle K Tonight

I’ve just done a couple of updates to the Ornatelier web page — added a gallery of glass work, and one with links for writing work I have done. There is also a new entry on the Influences page (Friedensreich Hundertwasser!), and a couple of other tiny tweaks. Feel free to swing by and check it out!

14×14 from the egg

The current bull in my china shop is a 14″x14″ celtic style knot glass panel, done in two colors and … uh… how many pieces? 37, I think. You can count them, it makes me dizzy.

Old-fashioned like whiskey and club soda, with a bit of sugar, an orange wheel, and a cherry.

This is the original design, traced onto butcher paper in Sharpie marker. The working sketch was pencil on butcher paper. It doesn’t get any more swank and art-school than that, folks!

Thursday’s child was full of woe.

Halfway-ish. The largest lower left red swoop is split right up the middle of the curve, and was later recut with less ambitious glass cutter work and more grinding. Cuts like this are pretty common in my designs, which means I either need to get a lot better at cutting, or spring for one of those Gryphon Omni-2 Plus+ wire saws. Or, most likely, both. Probably will do one while accumulating quatlus for the other.

All glass, no glory.

Here is all the glass, cut and ground and ready to foil. Someone awesome made my thumb sad while grinding, so I have taken a couple of days off from working on it. Basically trying to avoid all thumb usage. … in other words, spent the weekend sitting on my thumb. It’s okay, though, I need to take some time off to think up new profanity to yell when I cut myself. “Son of a biscuit” is getting a bit trail-worn.

Inky Delight

Left: Initial sketch, Right: early proof.


Printed! (notice the braided border didn’t make it)


A print I made recently, on a whim. Not really sure if I made it because I found one last blank printing plate, or because I was actively inspired, or maybe because there are some I had made for the coloring book that I am now not sure I like enough to include. In any case, I do like this one quite a bit. This print isn’t perfect, but I figured a blog post with a perfect print would be less fun (for you) than a post with an imperfect print. Because the perfect print might never come around.