This Is Just The Bloggining

knot112213flatThis is my blog, where I talk about what I am working on, thinking about, reading, writing, tasting, coveting and admiring. However, I also maintain a website with a more orderly, less stream-of-consciousness flavor. My goal is regular updates, of course, but I think I’ve said before, if I am ever in a pinch, having to choose between making things and telling the internet about making things, I am going with making things. Every time.

What IS over on my regular site is a series of galleries, showcasing my work in different media and logging my major influences. Please do drop in and look around at The Ornatelier.

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On + Off The Bench(es)

This is a Coronet Midget spy camera, which we found hidden under / in our cabinets in the previous house. It had been painted over at least twice; apparently no one else bothered to look under the cabinets when painting. The moral of this story is, you can probably hide your valuables in that space behind the silverware drawer.
Read about this funny-looking thing at the end of the post…

Wherein I briefly show & tell some of the studio goings-on. Continue reading On + Off The Bench(es)

Dia de los muertos by sajtz on deviantART

I came across this researching reference images for a custom t-shirt design, and while it will not actually help me with my design, it DOES amuse me very much!

Dia de los muertos by sajtz on deviantART.

Don’t spend a lot of time on deviantArt, but when I see stuff from there, it very often blows me away. There is so much talent in the world, and so much skill. Getting to see the fruits of that really makes my day!