Noche de Las Pinquistadoras

Here is the final version of the bowling team logo on shirts for three team members. Still cracks me up.

Look out, pins!

Recently, Now, and Later

Last week I picked up some key display furniture for the shows I will be in toward the end of November. This week will be spent spiffing those up a bit, as well as making more items. While I do all that, in honor of Halloween, which amuses me without actually getting me to participate, I will also be listening to a horror novel, instead of more … improving literature.

Each day of November I will post a photo of a piece that I have made, which will be available at the craft fairs beginning on the 19th of the month. I will also be posting a lot of stuff to FaceBook (and sometimes to the blog) about the craft fairs. If you have ideas for how I can get the word out to Albuquerque about these fairs, let me know.

One of my favorite hand-colored prints so far. In fact, I might just keep this one.

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It’s On Now!

Yesterday I received notification that I have been accepted to that 2nd craft fair (Bandelier Bazaar Craft Fair), which means I am going to be full of hustle between now and Thanksgiving. If you are in or near Albuquerque, or expect to be here between Wednesday, 19 November and Saturday, 22 November, please plan to drop in and support these fairs.

This is the final design for that bowling shirt I talked about a while back. It makes me laugh every time I see it, which has to be a good thing. Especially since I’m on the team.

The first one (ASUNM’s 51st Annual Arts and Crafts Fair) is a 3-day event on the UNM campus, inside the student union building. The vendors at both events are going to be a mix of amateur and professional creative types, selling everything from clever t-shirts to handmade soaps, fine art, ceramics, and all kinds of one of a kind crafted items that you will never find inside a retail store. All budgets and interests are served, and these are both great events for sorting out your holiday shopping early, allowing you to be incredibly smug over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Black Friday shopping? Oh, I don’t think so. I finished my holiday shopping last week. I think I’m going to do a spa day instead…

Because both fairs have FaceBook pages, you can get all kinds of previews on the folks who will be selling there, and what they have available. I will (of course) post plenty about these two events between now and then, but it’s never too soon to add the events to your FB feed and get reminders.

By Popular Demand

Tonight I cut and ground enough glass for 17 ornaments / suncatchers. I don’t mind the production of multiples, because they’re only multiple in design. Each one is made of different pieces of glass, and even if I used the same glass, I am not sure I’d expect to ever make two identical pieces.

Because of the number of people who’ve told me that the swirl is their favorite of the glass designs I’ve shared so far, I worked out a pattern that lets me cut enough for 5 completed pieces, just mixing and matching the colors.  What you see here is a set of mixed purples, there will be other colorways to follow. Depending on how busy I am, not all of them will be photographed and shared in a long contemplative blog post. Given I have 43 days to prep a whole pop-up retail location, I imagine my blogging time will be quite limited. If you see I am blogging a lot, ask me what I am procrastinating on…15453831085_977a58afc7_z Continue reading By Popular Demand