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What A Day!

For a Wednesday, this has been pretty eventful!

Which much of the day was spent in the studio cranking out items to sell on Sunday, I also managed to improve my swimming a bit, leave my ATM card in an ATM, listen to a whole book, run some errands, receive several much-anticipated deliveries, and generally “enjoy” that sense of having WAY too much to do, and nowhere near enough time and money in which to do it.

I have never before so much looked forward to the winter holidays as a time when almost-nothing will happen!


Last night I finished this pendant, an etched-and-enameled sterling silver medallion with an asymmetrical marblewood setting. It makes me happy.

Today, I got my new business cards, which (at least in my imagination) are visually and verbally engaging.


I realize some of the text is tricky to read in the photo, but the point is that the fairly unremarkable, factual text is sharing space with glossy linework of my own devising.

As far as all that other stuff on the thing-do list, I guess I don’t need to list it out here. So, I won’t. Just trust me, there is an awful lot to do!

24NOV: Calendars!!

The calendars came in today! I am so jazzed about this. I kinda wanted to do one of those goofy unboxing photo series with the box of calendars, but it would’ve been a really short series: Photo 1> The Box, Photo 2> The Calendar … and that is all.

Instead, I am going to skip ahead to Photo 2:

And a month selected at random so you can peek at what it’s like inside:

I am still pricing colored pencils, so don’t hold me to this, but I think these calendars will be available for $8 locally, and $10 with domestic shipping.

If you are interested in having one (or more!) of these coloring book calendars, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail, because there are only 50 of them. In the whole world. The sooner I know where to send it, the more likely you’ll be able to start coloring on January 1!

23NOV: Craft Fair Round Up

Since this is what I told my mother, it is going to have to be good enough for the rest of you, because despite the shows being over, I still have a crazy long list of thing-do. A more detailed post with some personal shout-outs will come later.

The craft shows were fun, and successful. I’m not rich, I am tired, I did sell a lot of stuff, and learned a lot more. I got invited to three other shows while at these two, but I am not doing more shows this year, because I have enough custom / commissioned work to keep me off the streets through the end of December, but not enough already-made stock to do more shows… So, no time to make more stuff for more shows.

Next year is another year, or so one hopes. Did a lot of what business-types would call networking, and picked up a half dozen more commissions, and leads for a bunch more.

And my booth-neighbors at UNM were the best. We spent all three days laughing and chatting and having fun, and decided that next fall we should see about doing it again, and have the same booths. That’s hard to beat!

17NOV: Some Smaller Work


All of these are less than 6×9, and many of them got their colors today.. At least two of them, if they don’t sell, I will be happy to keep! I guess that is a sign that I am doing something right. It seems much easier to please others than to please myself, artistically, anyway. As a bonus, I am finally learning not to rattle on about my own points of criticism, as that really can ruin the enjoyment for others.

16NOV: Bright Colors And Coffee

Back to the hand-coloring today, although I did take breaks for getting price tags sorted finally, baking cookies, hot wings, cat coddling, cocktail hour, and designing the next iteration of my business card. (It has phonetic spelling!) I am listening to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (book 1) while I work, which I read ages ago, but thought the audiobook might be entertaining. It is, but not enough so to distract me.

Only two days remain before 4 days of show. Compared to the hustle and bustle of prep, the shows will likely seem like a nice holiday. 🙂

I hope that link works.

In other news, I discovered scented duct tape. What the ……. ?