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What A Day!

For a Wednesday, this has been pretty eventful!

Which much of the day was spent in the studio cranking out items to sell on Sunday, I also managed to improve my swimming a bit, leave my ATM card in an ATM, listen to a whole book, run some errands, receive several much-anticipated deliveries, and generally “enjoy” that sense of having WAY too much to do, and nowhere near enough time and money in which to do it.

I have never before so much looked forward to the winter holidays as a time when almost-nothing will happen!


Last night I finished this pendant, an etched-and-enameled sterling silver medallion with an asymmetrical marblewood setting. It makes me happy.

Today, I got my new business cards, which (at least in my imagination) are visually and verbally engaging.


I realize some of the text is tricky to read in the photo, but the point is that the fairly unremarkable, factual text is sharing space with glossy linework of my own devising.

As far as all that other stuff on the thing-do list, I guess I don’t need to list it out here. So, I won’t. Just trust me, there is an awful lot to do!


17NOV: Midday Progress Report

Hand-colored print. Man, I like this one. Maybe I'll keep it.

Hand-colored print. Man, I like this one. Maybe I’ll keep it.

Busily hustling and bustling still. So much thing-do!
I hate to admit it, but part of me knows this week is going to fly by and be over in a blink, and I’ll never be able to figure out what all the hustle and bustle was about. But I am FULL of ideas for stuff to work on after that.

15NOV: Now It Gets Glamorous!

Today was spent on less colorful necessities: setting up price sticker labels to print out, cooking ahead of the week (because no one around here is going to have time for that), double checking the where-and-when of my schedule this week, and solving assorted minor issues in how I imagine my booth layout will go. Renewed my domain name (, thought about how much change to have.

And prices. Deciding prices. I am down to the wire on that, because I want to put prices on the things. I realize I can change them later if I decide they aren’t right, but it is so much easier to sell things if the price is correct to start with.

Keep reading after the cut to learn about my anything-but-hasty approach to business.

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14NOV: More Color And …

Block print, hand pulled with water soluble ink, hand-colored with watercolor paints, plus pearlescent accenty.
Block print, hand pulled with water soluble ink, hand-colored with watercolor paints, plus gold + silver pearlescent accents.

While this might look pretty cool here, it looks even cooler where it is sitting on my table, waiting to dry completely before I slip it into its plastic sleeve for display and (hopefully!) sale.  Continue reading 14NOV: More Color And …