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So it begins. – The Ornatelier

So it begins. – The Ornatelier.

Reminder: I am transitioning the blog to the site, and posting this here as a pointer for those who try to keep up.

And, Regan, I’m sorry. I PROMISE on a stack of pancakes to try not to move my blog ever again.


This Is Just The Bloggining

knot112213flatThis is my blog, where I talk about what I am working on, thinking about, reading, writing, tasting, coveting and admiring. However, I also maintain a website with a more orderly, less stream-of-consciousness flavor. My goal is regular updates, of course, but I think I’ve said before, if I am ever in a pinch, having to choose between making things and telling the internet about making things, I am going with making things. Every time.

What IS over on my regular site is a series of galleries, showcasing my work in different media and logging my major influences. Please do drop in and look around at The Ornatelier.

Let me know what you think.

Boots-on-the-ground Yoga Report

… Especially where boots = barefoot and ground = yoga mat. But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

The closest I came to Nirvana was when the instructor played ’90s alt-rock to accompany a workout. If you think you are about to transcend, drink some water and lie down on your mat until the feeling passes.

Click through the quote to read about local yoga from the perspective of someone who never, ever is going to star in a yoga video.

Big Things Are Afoot At The Circle K Tonight

I’ve just done a couple of updates to the Ornatelier web page — added a gallery of glass work, and one with links for writing work I have done. There is also a new entry on the Influences page (Friedensreich Hundertwasser!), and a couple of other tiny tweaks. Feel free to swing by and check it out!

Book Review: Totes Ridictionary

Book Review: Totes Ridictionary.

Wherein I review a book I could not stop touching when I found it on the Culture editor’s desk. Only, grown-up books are more about the words, and less about the tactile experience. I felt a little cheated.

It really is a bit more pink and satiny in person. In book. Whatever.